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Migrating to the new insights

Last updated January 23, 20193 minute read

In February 2019 we will be releasing a brand new insights experience which will replace our existing insights feature. There will be changes to how insights are created and displayed in Dovetail.


Here’s a quick summary of what’s happening over the next two months:

  • We’re completely changing the insights feature. A new top-level item in the project sidebar will replace the Insights tab under Analysis. This feature is designed to help you summarize and share your findings.
  • The way you create insights will change. Instead of pushing to insights by highlighting notes, you’ll pull content into insights. We believe this is a more intuitive workflow for creating insights.
  • Insight highlights are going away. Highlighting will be tag-only. You won’t be able to create highlights with insights, and insights will no longer show up in the gutter to the right of notes.
  • You’ll be able to migrate your insights. You’ll get a choice to migrate existing insights (and their highlights). You can choose to migrate them to tags if you want to keep that behavior, or to the new insights feature.

Why insights are changing

We’ve heard from users that insights are too similar to tags and that the push rather than pull workflow doesn’t match how they typically work. We’ve also heard that Dovetail is missing a feature that helps researchers summarize findings / outcomes for a project, letting them set context without needing to show stakeholders raw data or “messy” analysis.

The similarity of insights and tags is particularly confusing for new users since it’s not clear to them which one they should use for analysis. Dovetail didn’t really have an opinion before, but with new insights, it does.

We believe it’s very important for a product’s conceptual model to match the user’s mental model as closely as possible. Our legacy insights feature didn’t do this, so now it’s time to fix it.

Learn more about new insights

Check out this blog post for a detailed tour of the new insights feature.

The migration process

The migration from legacy insights to new insights will take place over several steps during February and March 2019:

Step 1: Early February

New insights released in beta. Legacy and new insights will co-exist with legacy insights under Analysis and new insights under Insights.

Note: If you enable beta features and then disable later, new insights will no longer be available until you enable beta again. You also won’t be able to add new highlights to legacy insights with beta features enabled.

Step 2: Late February

New insights out of beta. Legacy insights will still be available under Analysis however you’ll no longer be able to add new highlights to legacy insights.

You’ll be prompted to migrate your legacy insights. In each project, there will be a choice to migrate legacy insights to new insights, or convert legacy insights to tags. You’ll see a dialog like this:

migrate dialog

Migrate to new insights

Choose this option if your legacy insights summarize your analysis and don’t have many highlights. This is what will happen:

  1. All legacy insights will be migrated to new insights.
  2. Legacy insight content will be migrated to new insights.
  3. Legacy insight highlights will be migrated to blockquotes.
  4. Legacy insights and legacy insight groups will be moved to the trash.
  5. You’ll no longer be able to create legacy insights.

Convert to tags

Choose this option if your existing insights are the analysis itself and have lots of highlights. This is what will happen:

  1. All legacy insights will be converted to tags.
  2. Legacy insight highlights will be converted to tag highlights.
  3. Legacy insight groups will be converted to tag groups.
  4. Legacy insight content will become tag descriptions.
  5. You’ll no longer be able to create legacy insights.

Step 3: Late March

All remaining legacy insights will be migrated to new insights, and legacy insights will be completely removed from Dovetail.

We’ll email everyone a week before we do this so you’ll have a chance to convert your legacy insights to tags instead if you like.

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