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Press kit & logo usage

Find our logo guidelines, brand assets, and more.

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This press kit is currently out of date. It will be updated soon.

If you’re interested in writing about Dovetail, adding our logo to your website, or including us in a slide deck, you’ve come to the right place.

Download the press kit

The press kit contains logos and logomarks in a variety of file formats, three founder photos, a 30 second product demo video, and a short slide deck with an overview. If you have any questions or need something else, contact us.

Download dovetail-press-kit.zip

Logo guidelines

When using the Dovetail logo, keep these things in mind:

  • Always leave space around the logo.
  • Maintain the original aspect ratio.
  • Use the correct size so it’s not ‘pixelated’.
  • Use the recommended colors.

Logo colors

The logo works best in Purple (#512DA8) on a solid white background:

Dovetail logo in Purple (#512DA8) on a solid white background

If you’d like to invert the colors, use a white logo on a Purple (#512DA8) background:

Dovetail logo in white on a solid Purple background (#512DA8)

If you need to greyscale the logo, please use Indigo 80 (#4F4270) on white:

Dovetail logo in Indigo 80 (#4F4270) on a solid white background

Likewise, the same rules apply for logomarks alone:

Dovetail logomarks in three colors on a solid white background

Logo crimes

Please don’t stretch or distort the logo, use it with an unapproved color, remove the opacity on the dove’s wings, add drop shadows, or use it on top of a complicated background image or in a space where there’s not enough room:

Examples of using the Dovetail logo incorrectly

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