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Vendor assessments

Pre-completed questionnaires to help with your Vendor Risk Management process.

We understand that many organizations have Vendor Risk Management processes in place, and we want to be transparent in how we operate, secure, and manage our services at Dovetail. To help with your processes, we have pre-completed responses for the standard vendor self-assessment questionnaire formats.

Please be aware that questionnaires call for self-attestation responses, and no independent third party has tested or validated these responses. While our responses are made in good faith, they should not be considered contractual and may be subject to change. We will be exploring third-party externally validated controls in the future.

Standardized questionnaires

If your Vendor Risk Management process is based on any of the standardized questionnaires, we have pre-completed responses available for the following standards:

Please get in touch with our security team and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of our pre-completed responses. We also have a proforma FAQ document available that answers many commonly asked questions.

You can submit a request for this information through our contact form.

Custom questionnaires

If your organization has non-standard, bespoke requirements or custom questionnaires that you want us to complete, please note that we only offer this service for those purchasing an enterprise workspace.

Customers with an enterprise workspace should contact their account manager for more information.

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Updated 2 Jan 2020


Kai Forsyth

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