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Working with Dovetail support

Here’s a list of information to include in your support request so we can resolve your issue faster.

How to contact us

Dovetail has multiple ways to contact support including an email address, Slack community, social media accounts, and an in-product feedback form. We prefer email for customer support because it makes it easier for us to track the support case over time, assign it to other people in our team, and share attachments.

When working with the Dovetail support team, you may be asked for a few common pieces of information to help our team find answers for you faster. Please send this information to us when emailing our support team at

Page URL

If you’re experiencing a problem with a specific project, note, tag, or insight, please copy the URL in the address bar and send that to us. URLs in Dovetail contain unique identifiers that help us look up a specific project, note, tag, or insight in our system.

You can find the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser window:

Screenshot of the address bar in Chrome on macOS


If you’re experiencing unexpected behavior or receiving error messages, sharing screenshots or a screen recording of the issue in action is very helpful. They often clearly describe the issue you are experiencing and help us quickly identify the cause of the issue.

Error message

If you see an error, please include the full error text in your email.

Workspace name

We may request the name of the workspace you require assistance with. This will help us quickly identify any billing-related issues, problems caused by permissions, or issues with the workspace itself. You can find the workspace name in the top left of the sidebar, or at the top of the page when you click on Projects in the sidebar.

Email address

When reporting issues that are specific to your user account or another user (for example, someone you’ve invited), please tell us the login email address for that user so we can quickly look them up in our system.

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Updated 18 Jun 2018


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