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I’m missing some answers

Here are a few suggestions to help you troubleshoot:

1. Check participants are receiving questions

Ask your participants if they have received your scheduled questions. If they haven’t received anything, see Participants haven’t received any questions.

2. Check participant details in Dovetail

When a someone replies to a question, we check the sender’s information, and then match it to a participant in a study. Answers in email studies are matched based on the participant’s email address and a unique ID in the email. Answers in SMS studies are matched based on the participant’s phone number.

3. Investigate how they’re trying to reply

Sometimes a device, email client, or app that a participant is using to reply might be incompatible with Dovetail.

For email studies

When a participant replies to an email question, the ‘to’ field of their question should be a unique email address. For example, ‘812zsj29j+91@mail.dovetailapp.com’. If it is not, then their email client is preventing the ‘reply-to’ field from being set correctly in the reply. Ask them to try another email client, or perhaps log in to the web version of their email account.

For SMS studies

Check that the participant has no restrictions on their ability to send SMS messages to domestic mobile numbers. If you’re in the US or Canada, we do support MMS (media) replies, however compatibility may vary depending on the service provider.

Still no luck?

If you are still not receiving answers, please get in touch with us.