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Migrate tags from a project to an extension

Move ‘common’ tags out of a specific project and into an extension to de-duplicate your tags.

You can move tags from a project into an extension by creating the extension, linking it to a project, moving the tags, and then de-duplicating any highlights (merging the tags).

Before moving tags to an extension, we recommend you read the feature announcement blog post for extensions, and our help article on extensions.

Get started

Create a new extension in workspace settings, then link it to one or more projects. Read the help article on extensions to learn how to create an extension and link it.

Move tags

⚠️ This is a one way operation. While you can move a tag into an extension, moving a tag out of an extension is currently not supported.

To move a tag from a project to an extension:

  1. Navigate to a tag.
  2. Open the Actions (···) menu.
  3. Click Move to….
  4. Choose a tag group in the extension.

Merge any duplicate tags

Replace all of a tag’s highlights with another tag. See this help article for more information:

Can I merge two tags together?

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