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Search across projects with full-text querying

Last updated January 21, 20193 minute read

Dovetail’s full-text search lets you find notes, tags, insights, and highlights across projects and our Query Langauge (DQL) helps you refine your search to narrow down the results.

Queries can be simple single words like slow or advanced queries that combine multiple fields together, like this:

project:"User Interviews" -tag:performance type:highlight slow

Screenshot showing Dovetail’s search

Click Search in the top left of the screen. By default, search shows results from all projects in your workspace, however if you click Search while you’re in a project, results will be filtered by that project and you’ll see the project title in the search input.

Click the tabs underneath the search input to switch the type of results you see between All, Notes, Tags, Highlights, or Insights.

Search by example

Here are some examples of searches you could perform:

Query Returns…
slow Everything with the word ‘slow’ across all projects in the workspace.
project:feedback slow Everything with the word ‘slow’ in projects with the word ‘feedback’ in their title.
project:"User feedback" slow Everything with the word ‘slow’ in the ‘User feedback’ project only.
type:note tag:twitter slow Notes with the tag ‘twitter’ that contain the word ‘slow’ in the note title or body.
type:tag slow Tags that contain the word ‘slow’ in their title or description.
type:highlight project:"User feedback" Highlights in the “User feedback” project.
type:highlight project:"User feedback" -tag:performance slow Highlights in the ‘User feedback’ project containing the word ‘slow’ that don’t have the tag ‘performance’.
-project:"User feedback" type:highlight Highlights in all projects except ‘User feedback’.
-type:insight All notes, tags, and highlghts, but not insights.

Field reference

DQL currently supports the following fields:

Field Example Description
type type:highlight Shows results by content type. Valid values: note, tag, highlight, insight.
project project:feedback Shows results from a specific project.
tag tag:usability Shows results containing a specific tag.
-type -type:highlight Excludes results by content type. Valid values: note, tag, highlight, insight.
-project -project:feedback Excludes results from a specific project.
-tag -tag:usability Excludes results containing a specific tag.

Match types

DQL supports two match types for field variables which can help you be more or less specific. These are fuzzy match and exact match.

Fuzzy match

Fuzzy match returns any phrase that contains the word. For example, a search for tag:feedback will return results from multiple tags with the word ‘feedback’ in them, like Feature feedback and User feedback.

Exact match

Exact match returns results that match the exact phrase. Simply put quotes around your search term for an exact match. Note that exact match is case-insensitive. For example, tag:"user feedback" will only return results from the User feedback tag, not Feature feedback.


If you have ideas for how we could improve search—for example more querying features—please send us your feedback!