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Creating, and applying topics

Type the # key and then any alphanumeric character to create a topic. Topics cannot contain special characters (like !?%-_), or a single number—for example, “#2” would not create a topic.

Created topics will show up when someone starts to type that same topic again in a second location. Typing # followed by the topic’s first two letters will make it appear in the list of suggested topics. After deleting a topic from all locations, it will no longer appear anywhere.

Topics ignore capitalization. The capitalization used when you created the topic will be what gets returned when a topic is displayed (e.g., when seen in search or selecting the topic to apply.)

There is currently no way to view a list of all topics in a workspace. Topics used on the Workspace homepage will be created but will show as having zero references.

You can use topics to filter the contents of Playback by the stories or files that have the topic applied. If the topic appears anywhere in the story’s contents or in the file description, it will appear as a result when searching.

To use the quick-filter to filter content by a popular topic when searching:

  1. Click in the search bar when in Playback to trigger a search.

  2. You’ll see a list of the most commonly applied topics under the search bar.

  3. Click one of the topics to apply a filter for that topic.

  4. You’ll see stories and files with that topic applied.

  5. If you click a second topic, you’ll see a narrower set of results with both topics used.

To use the quick-filter to search for and filter by a specific topic:

  1. Click in the search bar when in Playback to trigger a search.

  2. Start typing in the search bar to instantly display topics that match the term, AND start running a text-based search across the content simultaneously.

  3. Select the topic you want to filter by.

  4. You’ll see stories and files with that topic applied. Typed text will be cleared.

  5. Type in the search bar again to repeat this process, further narrowing your results.

To use topics in advanced filters:

  1. Click in the search bar when in Playback to trigger a search.

  2. Click the filter icon to the right of the search bar

  3. Select “#topics” from the menu

  4. Select your filter logic:

  • Has all of

  • Has one of

  • Has none of

  • Is empty (none can be selected)

  1. Select topics you want to apply the logic to.

  2. The selected logic will filter your results.

You can stack multiple topics filters on top of each other.

Searching using the quick-filter under the search bar applies the “has all of” filter logic.

For more information about using topics in explore feeds, click here. For more information about using topics in search blocks, click here.

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Last updated 18 May 2022
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