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Organize your projects

Organize your projects so that it's easy for users in your workspace to find projects and extensions. Workspace admins can pin projects, organize projects into folders, and reorder them.

Browse projects

You can browse projects using these tabs:

  • Projects - shows active projects.

  • Extensions - shows extensions.

  • Archived - shows archived projects.

Organize projects

To make projects and extensions easy for users in your workspace to find, organize your projects into folders and reorder them with drag and drop. Here are a few examples of folders you could create for your projects:

  • By type of research – customer interviews, usability testing, survey responses.

  • By product team – core product, search and navigation, growth.

  • By department / role – design, user research, content strategy.

Reorder a folder:

  1. Click the drag icon on the right of a folder.

  2. Drag the folder to the location you would like.

Reorder a project:

  1. Click and drag from anywhere on a project list.

  2. Drag the project to the folder you would like.

Pin projects

You can pin projects and extensions to the top of the page for easy access across your workspace. This is useful to feature important projects such as ongoing research projects or your company's global taxonomy saved in an extension.

Pin a project:

  1. Hover on a project in the list.

  2. Click on the pin icon.

  3. The project will now be pinned at the top.

Unpin a project:

  1. Hover on a pinned project.

  2. Click on the unpin icon.

  3. The pinned project will now be removed.

Select and edit multiple projects

  1. Hover on a project in the list.

  2. Click on the checkbox that appears to enter selection mode.

  3. Click the checkboxes to select projects.

  4. Click Pin, Duplicate or Delete.

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