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Previewing and sharing files in Dovetail

You can see rich, inline previews in Dovetail for the following filetypes:

  • PDFs (.pdf)

  • Microsoft Word documents (.docx)

  • Microsoft Powerpoint files (.pptx)

  • Images (jpeg, png, GIFs, svg)

  • Videos (all common formats)

  • Audio (all common formats)

Note: preview won't be available for other filetypes, e.g. zip files

Attachments and repository files have similar behaviours:

Previewing a file

Where you see a file card, click it to preview the file.

When previewing a document, you can navigate between pages using the left-pane of thumbnails, or by scrolling in the main view pane.

Download a copy of the file by clicking on the Actions (···) menu in the top right when previewing, and then clicking download.

You can zoom in on your files by clicking the + or - buttons at the bottom of your file.

Sharing a repository file

Within your repository file preview, you can share your file in 3 ways:

  1. Select "share" on the top right of the preview. Copy the link to share it with your team. You can also highlight and copy the link URL from your browser.

  2. Select "share" on the top right of the preview. Within the dialogue box, type in the names of your team members (if they're current Dovetail users), type in context if applicable, and hit "send"

  3. Leave a comment on the file and tag your team with the @ key.

Sharing an attachment

For attachments, you can highlight and copy the link from within your browser. This will take a user straight to the full-page preview of the attachment.

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