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Pricing model overview

Our pricing model is based on users and you pay for the number of users you need for people who contribute content to Markup, Playback and Backstage. Read-only viewers are free. We chose this pricing model since it’s simple to understand and matches how most customers use Dovetail.

Learn more on our pricing page

User roles

manager or contributor is someone who can edit content across Dovetail. They will be paid users who can contribute and analyze data. Managers and contributors are typically researchers, designers, and product managers.

viewer is someone who doesn’t contribute content or analysis across Dovetail, like stakeholders, managers, clients, or other teams. Viewers have free, read only access and cannot edit anything.

Managers, contributors, and viewers all have a secure account to log in to Dovetail using their email address and password or OAuth2 via Google. Project access control can also be applied to managers, contributors, and viewers to restrict access to specific projects.

Granting admin access in the workspace

Anyone in a manager, contributor or viewer role can be granted admin access. With admin access, roles can:

  • Manage billing

  • Manage users

  • Manage workspace branding

  • Manage authentication options

  • Delete the workspace

Those granted with admin access do not have to occupy a paid manager or contributor user role in the workspace.

Accepted payment methods

We accept payments by credit card. Pay by invoice (via credit card or wire bank transfer) is available when making single payments above $2,400 USD. Check out How to pay for Dovetail products for more information on making payments.

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Kai Forsyth

Revenue Operations Lead

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Last updated 24 March 2022
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