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How to use the project readme

The project readme is the first thing new visitors will see when they open your project. It’s a great place to describe your project for others, set the context for your research, and write down your plan including goals, hypotheses, timeline, and so on.

Project readmes have the same set of formatting that notes and insights do, which means you can easily insert headings, lists, tables, images, files, and more to describe your project for others. It also supports real time collaboration, so feel free to work with your team on your research plan and see their changes without needing to refresh.

Here are a few ideas for what to cover in the project readme:

  • The research project goals.

  • Your hypotheses or assumptions.

  • Your research plan and timeline.

  • The status of the project.

  • Background on the data set.

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Last updated 24 March 2022
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