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Restrict project access

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By default, all new projects created in the workspace are ‘open’. That means that everybody in the workspace can see all projects. You can restrict access to a specific project by changing the access settings for that project.

Get started

To manage access for a project:

  1. Open a project.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Access.

Project access levels

There are four access levels. They are cascading, which means that someone with Full access to a project will also inherit the permissions of the other roles.

PermissionFull accessView and editView onlyNo access
View the project
Create, edit, and analyze data
Toggle public access for insights
Manage project settings
Manage project access

Viewers can only ever view

Note that project access levels only apply to admins and users. If assigned to a viewer, their workspace role takes precedence and access is limited to View only. Viewers can still be restricted from seeing a project by setting the workspace access to No access.

Fully open a project

To allow everyone in the workspace to see and manage your project, set the project’s workspace access to Full access, and don’t add any individual people. This is the default setting for all new projects.

Fully restrict a project

To restrict a project so that only certain people in the workspace can see it, set the project’s workspace access to No access, and add people individually as View only, View and edit, or Full access.

Allow some people to manage a project

To allow everyone in the workspace to see the project, but only allow some people to manage the project, set the project’s workspace access to View and edit, and add individual people with Full access.

Make your project private

To make your project private, set the project’s workspace access to No access, and make sure that you are the only person with Full access.

Workspace admins (see About workspace roles) will not be able to see restricted or private projects, unless they have been explicitly added to the project. This means you can have projects that even workspace admins cannot see.

Accessing a private project once a user is removed from your workspace

Once a user is removed from a workspace, Dovetail will automatically remove project access restrictions on a project if there’s nobody left that has "full access" to it. 

For example, if User A creates private project (Project X) and User A is removed from the workspace, Project X is made visible to everyone in the workspace and access is restored to default access.

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