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Share insights with public access

Published insights can be shared with ‘public access’. When this is enabled, all published insights in the project (not drafts) will be available to anyone who has the link. This allows you to share your insights with people who don’t have a Dovetail account. Public access is enabled and disabled on a per-project basis.

Enable public access

To enable public access to insights for a project, navigate to that project, click Insights in the sidebar on the left, then click Share near the top right of the screen. A dialog will open and you can toggle public insights on or off:

You can also enable or disable public insights on a single insight, however note that this will change the setting for all insights in the project. To do this, click the Share button near the top right of the screen on an insight:

Once public access is enabled, click Copy link to clipboard in the dialog and send the link to whoever you like. When they visit the link, they’ll see an overview of all published insights and be able to navigate through the insights at their leisure.

When someone clicks an insight or starts to navigate through all of the insights with the left (←) or right (→) arrows, they’ll be able to read a single insight and scroll down to see the references (user quotes, notes, tags, or media) that support the insight.

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Last updated 23 July 2021
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