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Viewing Story Metrics

Use metrics to understand who is engaging with your Story and how compelling your Story is. To access the Story Metrics, click on the View metrics button on the top right of the Story.

Understanding the metrics

  • Reached audience: Number of unique accounts that have seen the Story.

  • Story discovery: Where users discovered the Story.

  • Audience role: Who is accessing the Story.

  • Audience access: What level of access in Dovetail.

  • Engagement ratio: Percentage of unique accounts who opened content in the Story.

  • Full page read: Percentage of unique users who scrolled to the bottom of the Story.

  • Most Popular: Number of unique users who clicked through a link within a story.

Data not available

If you created your Story before we started measuring metrics, you might see an empty state and a message like the one below:

–– This data point is only available for stories created after the 7th of July 2022

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Last updated 11 July 2022
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