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Summarize and present insights

Insights help you summarize and share your research findings.

What to use insights for

Dovetail’s insights help you:

  1. Summarize your project by embedding references to relevant evidence like notes, tags, quotes, and media from your analysis.

  2. Standardize how your organization stores, presents, and searches for user research insights across current and historical projects.

  3. Save time by avoiding the need to copy and paste data from Dovetail into slideshows and reports that you need to design from scratch.

  4. Share user research insights with others in a simple, attractive format, including with people who don’t have a Dovetail account.

  5. Present user research insights on the big screen with our new full screen presentation mode and quick keyboard navigation.

Add references to your insight

Insights let you summarize your research findings for stakeholders, and embed references to raw data from your analysis. For example, to embed a highlight in an insight:

  1. In an insight, click Highlight underneath the editor.

  2. Type to search for a highlight to insert.

  3. Click one or more highlights to select them.

  4. Click the Insert button.

Add fields to your insight

Use fields to store structured information about your insights that your organization can use to discover new insights and search prior research. To create a new field, open an insight and ensure that it’s editable, then:

  1. Click + New field.

  2. Enter a name for your field.

  3. Select a type for your field. The default type will be text.

  4. Click Create.

For more information on fields, seeAdd structured data with fields.

Add a cover photo to your insight

Insight cover photos give you a quick way to make your insight more visual. You can upload your own image as a cover photo or search for one from thousands of free photos using our Unsplash integration. Just click Change cover on an insight.

Publish your insight

Publishing an insight will make it read-only and show it in presentation mode. Only published insights are viewable by guests when public access for insights is enabled.

In addition, when you publish an insight, it will trigger the Insight published trigger in our Zapier integration (Connect apps to Dovetail with Zapier). The Insight published trigger lets you set up automatic workflows like posting published insights to a Slack channel.

Share your insight with public access

Public access can be enabled / disabled on a per-project basis. When public access is enabled, all published insights in the project will be available to anyone who has the link.

To enable public access to insights for a project, navigate to that project, click Insights, then click Share near the top right corner of the screen. A dialog will open and you can toggle public insights on or off.

Copy the link in the dialog and send it to whoever you like. When they visit the link, they’ll see an overview of all published insights in presentation mode, and be able to navigate through the insights at their leisure.

When someone clicks an insight or starts to navigate through all of the insights with the left (←) or right (→) arrows, they’ll be able to read a single insight and scroll down to see the references (user quotes, notes, tags, or media) that support the insight.

View insights as a presentation

Presentation mode is a bit like a slideshow. It’s a way to share your insights in a focused, fullscreen experience, with large font sizes and a horizontal carousel where you can move between insights with the arrow keys. Click Present to open presentation mode.

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