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Why is the Team plan no longer offered?What features are included in the new plans?What do I need to do?How can I remove features from my workspace?Where can I see billing information?More information
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Team plan discontinuation

Our Team plan will be discontinued on 18 February 2020.

Why is the Team plan no longer offered?

Our Team plan included 5 users and started at $125 USD / month. We received feedback from smaller teams and individuals that they didn't want to pay for users that they weren't using, and had no need for many features that were designed for larger teams. This excluded many small businesses, freelancers, and solo researchers from adopting the full potential of Dovetail.

In December 2020, we launched our new Analysis plan starting at $15 USD / month for a single user to directly address this feedback and make Dovetail more accessible to more people. You can learn more in our blog post announcing the change.

Our support team may have extended you a discount or offered to reduce the users included as part of your Team plan. These offers will no longer be available after 18 February 2021, and you will need to move to either our Analysis plan, or our Analysis + Repository plan.

What features are included in the new plans?

You can view all of our pricing options on our pricing page.

Analysis plan

The Analysis plan, starting at $15 USD / user / month, includes the majority of features from our Team plan, at lower price. For most customers, moving to our Analysis plan will be significant discount on what you already pay.

Analysis + Repository plan

The Analysis + Repository plan, starting at $125 USD / month, includes additional features that help teams standardize research processes and utilize Dovetail more effectively when working with multiple researchers and teams across an organization. This plan includes:

What do I need to do?

Visit Billing and click Update subscription to move your subscription from Team to one of our new plans, before 18 February 2021.

How can I remove features from my workspace?

You may need to stop using certain features if you’d like to move to the cheaper Analysis plan. Follow the below steps to stop using certain features.

  • Project access control. Access for every project needs to be reset to the default. Visit the settings for every project in the workspace, then click Access. Ensure Workspace access is set to Full access and that you have no other access rules.

  • Project extensions. Visit Extensions and remove all extensions.

  • Project templates. Visit Templates and remove all templates.

  • Integrations via Zapier. Visit Zapier and ensure that Zapier is disconnected.

Where can I see billing information?

You can see all of the information about your Dovetail subscription in Billing.

More information

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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