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Technical limits

These are our current technical limitations. These limits are in place so we can guarantee all customers a great experience. We revisit these limits from time to time as we improve the product and test it at scale.

Workspace limits

  • 1,000 users.

Project limits

  • 1,000 projects per workspace.

  • 1,000 insights and tags per project.

  • 10,000 notes per project.

Notes, tags, and insight limits

  • 200 characters for the title.

  • 300,000 characters for the body.

  • 4,000 highlights.

  • 10 concurrent editors.

File limits

  • 20MB image size for inline previews.

  • 10GB limit on video and audio files.

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Christopher Manouvrier
Principal Developer
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Last updated 9 December 2020
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