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Adding comments

Add comments to notes, tags, insights and your project readme.

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Start discussions on your research, and pull people into conversations with mentions.

Comments can be added by any Dovetail user, including your Viewers.

When you post a comment, an email notification will be sent to the person who created what you’re commenting on. Anyone you mention in a comment will also get an email notification.

Add a new comment

You can add comments to notes, tags, insights, and the project readme:

  1. Click Add comment….
  2. Type your comment.
  3. Click Post.

Commments support all editor formatting shortcuts, such as text and insert lists, links, attachments, and images.

If you start writing a comment and close your browser or navigate away, the draft will still be there when you come back.

Mention people in comments

Type an @ in a comment to search Dovetail users who can be mentioned. Mentioning a user will send an email notifying them that they’ve been mentioned by you.

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