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Transfer ownership of your workspace

If you are an agency using Dovetail, you can transfer ownership of a whole workspace to a client. View steps below that need to be taken to complete this.

Update user role

  • If your client has an existing account in your Dovetail workspace, update their workspace role to Admin in the User settings. To do this, follow instructions here.

  • If your client does not have an existing account in your Dovetail workspace, invite them to the workspace as an Admin.

  • If there are no available seats left in the workspace to action this change, you could re-allocate an existing User to a free Viewer role in the User settings to open up a seat.

Update customer and billing details

  • In Billing, your client will need to change the subscription plan for the account, update billing contact details, credit card details and billing cycle.

  • Depending on their chosen subscription plan, they can also update the payment method for the subscription from credit card to bank transfer payment (invoice on Net 30 terms). Payment via invoice is available for any payment over $2,400 USD (equal to 10 seats on Analysis + Repository).

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Emily Brogan

Inbound Customer Specialist

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Last updated 9 September 2021
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