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Troubleshooting Zapier issues

If you’re experiencing issues with our Zapier integration, consult this guide for tips for fixing common issues. Some issues will be outside of the control of Dovetail, and may require you to contact Zapier.

Not authenticated, or unauthorized errors

Sometimes during the course of setting up your Zap, or afterwards, while it’s running, you might get an error that includes words such as Unauthorized or Not authenticated.

When you get one of these errors, it could mean that our Zapier integration doesn’t have permission to access to your data in Dovetail. This can usually be fixed by reconnecting your Dovetail account to Zapier:

  1. Click your profile photo in the top right of the screen.

  2. Click Profile.

  3. Click Zapier.

  4. If already connected to Zapier, click Disconnect.

  5. Then click Set up Zapier.

Alternatively, within Zapier you can go to your connected accounts page. Find your connected Dovetail account and click Reconnect.

Broken Zapier after migration

Groups are now just a way to visually organize data based on a field rather than a fixed organization scheme for the data.

  • Groups and field values are now the same things. You might notice the Group by button in the top right corner of a view. It shows the field your board is currently grouped by, where each visible group represents a field value. You can change how your board is grouped any time by clicking on the Group by button and selecting another field (if you have more than one select style field in your notes).

  • The uncategorized column is where content will appear when it doesn't have a field value associated with the field used in the Group by setting.

How to set up new Zaps or repair broken Zaps

  • Since Groups and field values are now the same, if you have a particular group you'd like to import data to, you need to make sure that you set the correct field value for the data you're importing in Zapier. For example, imagine you've grouped your view by a field called Feedback type with values NPSIn app feedback, and Community chat. If you wanted to import some NPS feedback to the NPS column, you would need to make sure that the action you set up in Zapier has "NPS" entered in the "Field: Feedback type" field in Zapier.

  • Make sure that the Group by setting in the top right of each view is correctly assigned. Using the example above, you would want to group your board by "Feedback type."

  • We recommend removing any values from the Group field within Zapier and using fields instead if you're updating existing Zaps. Using the Group field will no longer work, but we've put measures in place to ensure existing zaps will continue to function without you changing any zap settings. There are a few exceptions to this:

As a result of the recent migration combined with actions you (or someone in your workspace) might have performed, your imported notes (via Zapier) may appear in the uncategorized column. Here are some actions that could have caused this:

  1. You deleted the field that was being used to group your content automatically. Use the steps above to restore your Zap.

  2. You changed the Group by setting. If so, changing it back to the original field should fix this.

  3. You changed the name of the field grouping your data. Use the steps above to restore your Zap.

For all the content that has entered your workspace since you Zap stopped categorizing feedback, you can quickly recategorize it by dragging it into the correct column within a view. You can drag single cards or select many cards to drag at once.

More troubleshooting tips

Zapier’s support team has published several comprehensive step-by-step guides for troubleshooting Zaps:

Contact Zapier support

Zapier has a helpful dedicated support team that operates seven days week (they typically reply within a day). They can assist with answering questions regarding creating and managing Zaps, and can help to properly diagnose issues with your Zaps.

Contact Zapier for support on through their website.

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