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Upgrade your free subscription

You can upgrade your Dovetail free subscription to a paid subscription. Our subscription plans are Markup Pro, Markup Team, Playback Pro and Backstage Pro. You can view a breakdown of the included features and pricing for each plan on our pricing page.

To upgrade your free subscription:

  1. Click the ☰ menu in the top left of the screen.

  2. Click Billing.

  3. Under Get more out of Dovetail, click Explore products.

  4. Under your desired product, click Upgrade.

  5. Select the plan you wish to purchase.

  6. Enter number of users and any additional products you wish to purchase via the + Add button.

  7. Select billing cycle - Pay yearly or Pay monthly.

  8. View total and click Continue.

  9. Submit Customer Details.

  10. Click Save and Continue.

  11. Submit Payment Method and Details.

  12. Agree to the Master Subscription Agreement.

  13. Click Create Subscription.

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Emily Brogan

Inbound Customer Specialist

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Last updated 8 August 2022
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