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Uploading and working with attachments

You can drag and drop attachments into Dovetail objects like notes, insights, and stories.

Inserting attachments

After opening a note, insight, or story, you have two ways to insert an attachment:

  • Drag & Drop a file from your desktop into your page

  • Use the "add files" icon in the in-editor toolbar

After you insert an attachment, you'll see a file card within your note, insight, or story with the attachment.

Downloading an attachment

To download an attachment, click the Actions (···) menu, then Download. Dovetail generates a secure access URL for you to download the attachment.

Managing attachments

You can copy and paste files between notes and projects and delete attachments by removing them from your note, tag description, or insight. Dovetail will keep track of where attachments are referenced and automatically delete those that have no references.

Keyboard shortcuts

Dovetail provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to control the playback for audio and video. To see them, click the Actions (···) menu in the top right of a note, tag, or insight, then Shortcuts.

File size limits

Please see our Technical limits for information.

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Last updated 27 January 2022
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