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Watch and create highlight reels

Highlight reels combine a tag's audio and video highlights into a single video, giving you a compelling way to present your data.

To get started, click Tags while inside a project, click on a tag of interest, and scroll down to its highlights section.

Note: A highlight reel won't appear if a tag doesn't have any audio or video highlights.

Filtering and sorting

The Filter and Sort buttons at the top of the highlights section affect the highlight reel. To change what highlights appear, add a filter. To change their order, add a sort.

Watch with subtitles

Markup allows you to enable subtitles for videos for accessibility and easier sharing. Once enabled, subtitles will be displayed for all highlights that you watch until you disable it. To enable or disable subtitles:

  1. Hover your cursor on the video

  2. Click the closed caption icon in the lower right corner.

If you download a video, the subtitles will not be included.


It's possible to download highlight reels to your computer in .mp4 format:

  1. Open the highlight reel's Actions (•••) menu.

  2. Click Download.

It can take time to prepare your video. Progress is shown in the bottom right of the screen and we'll email you when your video is ready to download.

Note: You can download a maximum of 100 highlights in a highlight reel. Subtitles will not be included in the download even if they are enabled in the video player.

Selecting highlights to download

You can choose which highlights to include in your highlight reel download by applying a filter as explained above, or by selecting them individually:

  1. On a tag page, hover a highlight and check its checkbox to select it.

  2. Select all the highlights you want to include in your highlight reel download.

  3. Click Download.

Downloading a single highlight

You can download a single highlight:

  1. On a tag page, hover the highlight and check its checkbox to select it.

  2. Click Download.


By default, highlights reels include a small amount of audio/video before and after the highlight to provide more context. This can be disabled:

  1. Open the highlights section's Actions (•••) menu.

  2. Enable the Hide context option.

Keyboard shortcuts

Markup provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to control the playback for video, including highlight reels. To see them, click the Actions (···) menu in the top right of a tag, then Shortcuts.

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