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How to close the customer understanding gap in your organization

1 minute read - 25 August 2021
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This week we held our first live webinar at Dovetail, with CEO Benjamin Humphrey and Head of Product Brian Swift sharing insights around the customer understanding gap.

As organizations grow, a “customer understanding gap” develops between those exposed to customers regularly (like user researchers, product managers, designers, sales folks, frontline support, and more) and those who are not. Closing this gap is crucial so that everybody in an organization has customer knowledge available at their fingertips. It enables faster, better decisions and drives empathy with customers, ultimately resulting in better products and services for the world.

During the webinar, Benjamin and Brian covered off the following topics:

  • How to solve the key challenge of centralizing customer research data.

  • How to effectively disseminate customer insights across your organization.

  • How our new Stories feature gets your whole team involved in consuming insights through beautiful, engaging reports.

Don't worry if you missed out on the webinar; you can watch it below on demand!

If you want to continue the discussion about closing the customer understanding gap, make sure you join the Dovetail Slack community!

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