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Track and manage your research participants with people

2 minute read - 29 January 2021

At the core of every research team is the desire to deeply understand your customers. Whether you’re performing usability testing, conducting interviews, or analyzing NPS feedback, all of the data and analysis comes back to the goal of understanding people’s motivations and challenges. Today, we're announcing a new way to track, manage, and understand your research participants in Dovetail called People.

A screenshot of the people list in Dovetail.
A screenshot of the people list in Dovetail.

People allows you to create profiles for each research participant, then link a person to a note or insight. This allows you to maintain a connection between your data and insights, and enables you to keep track of your interactions and touchpoints. People are global, so a single person can be associated with multiple projects over time.

Create custom person fields to define the characteristics that matter for your team. These fields are very flexible — we recommend you use them to capture demographic information (like participant name, age, location), contact details (like email address or phone number), and metadata (NDA signed, persona type, or last contacted date).

A screenshot of a person's profile in Dovetail.
A screenshot of a person's profile in Dovetail.

When viewing a person’s profile, you can edit their custom fields and see all of the notes and insights they’ve been involved in. Whether you’re looking for a previous interview you conducted, or just want to learn more about the participant, all of this information is at your fingertips.

A screenshot of searching for people in Dovetail.
A screenshot of searching for people in Dovetail.

With People in Dovetail, you can now search across all of the participants you’ve researched, track when they last participated in research, and identify participants who might be a good fit for future research—making the Research Ops headache of managing participants a little easier for your team.

Each pricing plan comes with an included number of people. If you run out of people, you can add additional people to your subscription for $25 USD / month per 1,000 people.

We have a bunch of features planned for our new People feature, and we’d love to hear your feedback and any ideas that you’d like to see—drop us a note by clicking Feedback in Dovetail, or send us a message in our Slack workspace.

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