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Hola, hallo, olá, bonjour – transcribe in Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French

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Foreign language transcription is available in Dovetail. Now you can transcribe conversations in Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French and you'll receive a full native-language transcript back.

When transcribing, simply select the language of your file and you'll get a transcript back within minutes.

Import your own transcript

For when you need human-level accuracy with your transcripts, or to analyze conversations in a language that we don't yet support—we've also added the option to bring your own transcript into Dovetail.

We support importing any WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) caption file. When you upload a .vtt caption file, we'll use the caption timestamps to sync playback with your video or audio file. To learn how to import your own transcript, read the steps in our help center.

For human-level accuracy, we recommend using who are able to supply a compatible .vtt file for use in Dovetail once one of their skilled transcriptionists finishes your job. If you have a non-compatible .srt caption file, you can convert this to a compatible .vtt file using Rev's free caption converter.

As always, we'd love to hear any feedback on foreign-language transcription and how we can make improvements. Just hit the Feedback button in Dovetail, or get in touch with us in our Slack community or over email.

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