Office hours with Dovetail

Attend an Office Hours session hosted by the Dovetail team. Learn tips and tricks, get your questions answered, and see if Dovetail is right for you.

Meet your hosts

You’ll hear from different Dovetail product experts each week, who can help answer questions on a variety of topics.

Kai Forsyth

Product Marketer

Benjamin Humphrey


Jess Nichols

User Research Lead

What you’ll learn

Register for an upcoming session and learn how to be a Dovetail expert.

  • We’ll walk you through how a typical project works end-to-end in Dovetail. From raw data all the way through to insights that you can share with your team.
  • Share tips and tricks on how to streamline your analysis in Dovetail and reduce the time it takes to get to insights.
  • Get answers to questions you have in person. We’ll tailor the session to answer any specific questions you have, just be sure to submit your areas of interest when you register.
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