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Build a customer-centric culture within your product team with a centralized, collaborative, and robust research platform.

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Import and store all your customer knowledge

Bring all your customer research into one place - interviews, surveys, usability tests, support tickets, NPS responses, and more.

Quickly and efficiently transcribe your research interviews

Pull in any customer conversation, and we‘ll transcribe it with our fast and accurate transcription engine.

Start analyzing your quantitative data in just a few clicks

Bring essential customer data into Dovetail from Google Drive, a CSV file, or via Zapier. Streamline your process, jump straight into analyzing, and uncover customer insights.

Easily find past and current research with powerful search

Build a library of all your customer knowledge and effortlessly uncover relevant research across all your projects and files.

Customer interviews

Keep recordings and notes in one place and make sense of themes across your interviews with tags.

Employee interviews

Transcribe internal interviews and discover patterns with highlights and tags.

Market research

Conduct trend analysis by analyzing existing research reports and articles.

Net Promoter Score

Connect your NPS survey tool and identify patterns across qualitative responses from promoters, passives, and detractors.

Sales calls

Import recordings from Zoom and let Dovetail transcribe them for storage and analysis.

Support tickets

Connect tools like Zendesk and ServiceNow to research themes in your support tickets.


Create highlights and tags to find patterns across responses and make sense of all your survey data.

Usability testing

Find patterns across sessions, store metrics like system usability scale (SUS) or time on task, and share insights.

From collaborative analysis to deep customer insight

Work together - product, design, research - to conduct research and identify atomic insights that inform your product roadmap.

Group common themes to uncover patterns

Use customizable tags—at a project or product level—to perform thematic analysis. Refine your tagging taxonomy with your team and throughout ongoing research studies.

Segment research to reveal atomic insights

Create custom fields to store attributes like name, age, interview date, and more, then use powerful filtering controls to segment and refine your results by structured data.

Synthesize your data using different views

Create new views and save filters to simplify synthesis, or split analysis between team members to speed up your process.

Becky White from Canva

Dovetail brings everything into one place. Everyone in the product team can easily go in and view research sessions. It makes everything less chaotic, more organized, and the research team less stressed.

Becky White, Lead Design Researcher at Canva

Share customer knowledge that impacts decisions

Aggregate your qualitative and quantitative data sets and present your findings in a way that inspires action when it counts.

Tap into customer knowledge from the past and the present

Engage with your research repository and find past research that anyone in your organization has uploaded. Remix this with your own research for a more robust narrative.

Create actionable, evidence-backed research reports

Craft engaging reports that link to research data to maintain traceability and provide an always-live, media-rich report experience.

Understand the impact of your findings

Check out which teammates have viewed and liked your reports. Start conversations with comments and mentions.

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