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Remove siloes and strengthen your team’s connection with the customer.

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Something about collaborating with your team

Let your users speak for themselves with engaging video highlights that inspire action from your team, and bring your research insights to life.

Inline comments

Plan, discuss, and provide context on research

Stay in the loop

For each project, subscribe to receive emails about new notes, insights, tags, comments, and highlights

Unsure atm

hmmmm unsure right now.

Highlight reels

Share a link to a tag with stakeholders on your team for them to experience all of the key moments firsthand, to drive more impact with your research.

One link to rule them all

Build a shared understanding of your customers. Everyone has the same context when they know where to go and know what’s available.


Diverse teams means diverse uses

Customer Interview

Customer interviews

Keep recordings and notes in one place and make sense of themes across your interviews with tags.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

Connect your NPS survey tool to Dovetail and find patterns across all of your qualitative responses.



Create highlights and tags to find patterns across responses and make sense of all your survey data.

Usability testing

Usability testing

Find patterns across sessions, store metrics like SUS or time on task, and share insights.

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