Customer driven designs

Bring customer insights into your design process with an intuitive, collaborative, and searchable research home.

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Uncover customer insights that inform your designs

Transcribe your usability tests, concept tests, and user interviews and unearth findings that guide your design vision.

Upload and transcribe in a matter of minutes

Pull in video and audio from your testing sessions and we’ll transcribe it with our fast and accurate transcription engine.

Add data that matters to you with custom fields

Map personas, user needs, or jobs to be done to your research data, then use powerful filtering controls to segment and refine your results.

Discover patterns across all your research

Quickly and efficiently reveal themes across all your research data, usability tests, user interviews, and more with customizable tags.

Research formats

Usability testing

Find patterns across sessions, store metrics like system usability scale (SUS) or time on task, and share insights.

Concept testing

Centralize feedback from your concepts and confidently make design decisions before going to market.

Customer interviews

Import user interviews, tag your data to understand themes across your research, and centralize all recordings and notes.

Jonathan Steingiesser from Property Finder

Dovetail has been a driving force in maturing and democratizing design research in our organization.

Jonathan Steingiesser, Head Of Design at Property Finder

Connect your team to the customer and build empathy

Amplify the voice of the customer, back your design decisions with data, and validate your design direction with customer knowledge.

Bring your team into your design process

Rally around customer insights, start conversations with comments and mentions, and democratize customer knowledge.

Share stories that inspire your team

Communicate your design direction and vision using the voice of the customer with references to quotes, highlights, and videos.

One place for all your customer research

Avoid fragmented research reports, insights, and summaries and embrace a single searchable repository.

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