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Analyze your customer feedback, gain a deeper insight into their pain points, and deliver them meaningful solutions.

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A single location for customer insights

Track customer sentiment with an accessible research repository for your organization's customer data.

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Analyze and understand your customer data

Harness the power of your organization's customer research to improve customer experience across your products.

Break recordings into key moments

Focus your time on finding insights rather than manual transcription with our fast, accurate transcription engine.

Highlight reels

Share a link to a tag with stakeholders on your team for them to experience all of the key moments firsthand, to drive more impact with your research.

Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis

Machine learning automatically tags sentences for you in over 12 different languages.

Video hightlights
Video highlights

Select text and tag your transcript to build video highlights across recordings.


Visualize your tags with multiple charts including a bar chart, pie chart, radar plot, and more.

99% accuracy

An advanced speech engine for reliable transcripts across topics, industries, and accents.

Dovetail has made existing research so much more powerful by allowing searching through transcripts to dig out extra information when needed. Worth it for that alone. The tagging and tag boards are great for design teams to organize what to do next.

Alex DeWitt, User Experience Lead at The UX Agency

Get to know your customers

Uncover patterns and filter customer feedback by demographics.

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