Get everyone on the same page

Make more informed customer-driven decisions, faster.

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All your customer knowledge in one place

Review your entire organization's customer knowledge with a self-service research repository.


Pull stakeholders into the conversation by mentioning them in a comment or note.

Public link

Share insights with external stakeholders by sending them a public access link.

Research home
Research home

See the latest research insights across your entire organization, in one central place.

Video hightlights
Video highlights

Select text and tag your transcript to build video highlights across recordings.

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Build customer empathy

Analyze customer data fast and provide your team with the knowledge and confidence they need to solve customer problems.

Highlight reels

Share a link to a tag with stakeholders on your team for them to experience all of the key moments firsthand, to drive more impact with your research.

Upload and transcribe in a matter of minutes

Upload your video or audio and we’ll transcribe it with our fast and accurate transcription engine. Seek and edit, name speakers, split monologues, and more.

99% accuracy

An advanced speech engine for reliable transcripts across topics, industries, and accents.

Access control

Control who can manage, view, and edit projects with granular project permissions.

Audio-only support

Support for audio as well as video. Just upload an audio file and transcribe to get started.

Bulk edit
Bulk edit

Select multiple things and perform operations on all of them at once.

Being able to have a source of truth and get everyone on the same page quicker is an absolute game changer for someone like a product manager whose entire role revolves around that.

Matt Hinds, Product Manager at SafetyCulture

Customer demographics and data securely linked in one location

Find relevant customer details quickly, and easily schedule user interviews with preferred research candidates.

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