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Welcome to fast and rigorous research analysis

Go from raw customer research data to actionable findings with fast, accurate, and flexible mixed methods analysis software.

Transcribe your recordings in minutes

Upload your user interviews, transcribe them quickly, add a custom vocabulary, name speakers, split monologues, and more.

Effortlessly import from Zoom and Google Drive

Connect Zoom cloud and Google Drive and transform your recordings into editable and accurate transcripts in just a few clicks.

Add structured data that matters to you

Store attributes like name, age, interview date, and more. Then use powerful filtering controls to segment and refine your results.

Track your participant panel with ease

Streamline your ResearchOps by building and storing your panel right in Dovetail. Keep track of participant information at a glance.

Discover patterns across your data

Uncover insights and conduct thematic analysis across your user research data with customizable tags.

Research formats

Customer interviews

Keep recordings and notes in one place and make sense of themes across your interviews with tags.

Usability testing

Find patterns across sessions, store metrics like system usability scale (SUS) or time on task, and share insights.


Create highlights and tags to find patterns across responses and make sense of all your survey data.

Katherine Agnew from Gartner

Dovetail is easy and intuitive to use. It has helped me be a better researcher and envision new ways of conducting and structuring research.

Katherine Agnew, Senior UX Researcher at Gartner

Build customer empathy and amplify your insights

Curate your research and present your findings in a way that delivers meaningful impact and gets your organization closer to the customer.

Make user research a team sport

Collaborate, rally around customer insights, and agree on the next steps with real-time comments and mentions.

Share stories that inspire action

Tell compelling narratives and share the fruits of your labor with traceable and evidence-based insights that resonate with your team.

A centralized place for all your research

Say goodbye to fragmented research shelfware and hello to a single, searchable repository for your current and past research insights.

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