Dovetail for remote user research

Doing research remotely is a challenge. Facilitating interviews and usability tests remotely is hard enough, but how do you collaborate on and analyze the digital data you’ve collected with your remote team?

With Dovetail, you can store all of your research data, like recorded interview transcripts and usability testing sessions. Effortlessly collaborate on research and analyze data with your team to go from digital data to sharable insights.

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Built for remote research

Remote research is a breeze with real-time collaborative features like tagging, boards, and comments.

Plays nice with other remote tools

Bring data into Dovetail from other leading remote user research tools.


Talk to your users and see how they’re using your app.

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Great customer experience starts with human insight.

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Bring cloud recordings from Zoom directly into Dovetail.

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Do remote research the right way

Collaborate with other researchers and perform analysis remotely, as a team.

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