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Discover patterns across research data collected from interviews, usability testing, and more.


Collaborate with the entire organization on user research

Work together in real time and share projects, notes, tags, and insights with stakeholders.


Summarize and publish user research insights with evidence

View your insights in an engaging presentation and simply click through to the original data.


Find user research data and insights long after the project is done

Build a single, searchable research repository for the whole org.

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Dovetail helps the Digitalisation & Innovation department drive process forward at UNIQA, one of Europe’s largest insurance providers.

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I love how easy Dovetail makes tagging and analyzing lots of interview transcripts. The interface is fast and responsive, and I’m able to get more data and insights because of how well the tool fits into my workflow.

BenjaminFounder at For The Win

We’ve been using Dovetail to collate and store all of our user research data. We love how easy it is to synthesise and gain insights, share the data with stakeholders, and access notes and insights whenever we need to. It saves us so much time.

SarahResearcher at Channel Nine

Loving the product. Tagging has been a breeze and re-organizing my thoughts using Dovetail has been easier than any other platform I’ve used!

ErikResearcher at Shopify

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