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The best way to analyze and share user research.

Organize qualitative research data, analyze it collaboratively, and share insights with your team.

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Organize qualitative research data in a single collaborative place

Identify and tag themes across multiple pieces of data

Organically evolve themes into shareable research insights

Collaborate with your team to build empathy and share knowledge

Snippet notes

Collaboratively take research notes

Write down key points in customer interviews, observations during user testing, or copy & paste user feedback into Dovetail for analysis and sharing.

Snippet annotations

Identify themes across your data

Add annotations when you recognize patterns in unstructured data. Build a tag library for your project using color-coding and tag definitions.

Snippet tag

Organically evolve themes into insights

Annotate fragments of text, then turn these themes into insights while preserving the original data relationships.

Snippet team

Bring your team along for the ride

With Dovetail, your raw data lives in the same place as your insights. Invite stakeholders to collaborate on your research and get them involved.