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Automate your qualitative research.

Collect qualitative insights via email & SMS, analyze your data, and share what you learn with your team. Dovetail helps with the logistics so you can get more research done.

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Schedule research questions to be sent automatically via email or SMS

Collect photos, screenshots, and videos from research participants

Collaboratively analyze and share qualitative data with your team or clients

Store key insights and research notes in the same place as your raw data

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Our customers use Dovetail for a variety of things

Run diary studies

Use Dovetail to learn about people’s habits, culture, feelings, behaviours, and more.

Get customer feedback

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to see how they experience your product or service.

Conduct market research

Learn more about your target market for a potential new product or service.

Track employee satisfaction

Check in regularly with employees and give them a way to provide suggestions and feedback.

Log your team stand-up

Receive an SMS every weekday morning and reply with your stand-up message.

Keep a travel diary

Send yourself email prompts to fill out a travel diary, and simply reply with your entry!