The research platform for teams.

Dovetail helps you store, analyze, and collaborate on user research in one place, making it easy to see patterns, discover customer insights, and decide what to do next.

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The research platform for teams.

Analyze qualitative data and discover insights.

Use intuitive analysis tools to tag themes across data. Visualize your findings with beautiful charts and summarize them as insights.

Qualitative data analysis
Analyze qualitative data and discover insights.

Collaborate on research with your whole team.

Invite the whole organization to browse user research data, collaborate on analysis, search raw data, and consume insights.

Collaborative user research
Collaborate on research with your whole team.

Store and search research in one place.

Save notes, images, audio, and video in one place. Organize, search, and analyze all of your research data, past and present.

User research repository
Store and search research in one place.

Loved by user researchers, designers, and product managers worldwide.

My team has started using Dovetail even more and the amount of productivity increase we are witnessing is amazing. The turnaround time for customer interviews to be converted to reports has reduced immensely and the quality of our reports have also improved a lot. Your app is simply too good!

AbhilashSenior Researcher at Freshworks

I've got to say, playing around with Dovetail I felt a deep unwinding of tension - it seems like the answer to the need I had for a lightweight but powerful and affordable insights repository that makes the value of qualitative research plain as day.

BasheeraDesign Lead at DemandLogic

Loving the product. Tagging has been a breeze and re-organizing my thoughts using Dovetail has been easier than any other platform I’ve used!

ErikUser Researcher at Shopify

I just spent the entire day in Dovetail, love it. Looking forward to seeing the evolution of Dovetail and I hope it’s growing.

PascalDesign Researcher at Enigma

I love that it’s made especially for researchers, and it has been researched — ha! — to suit their different styles of work. I love that it is continuously being improved thanks to the founders’ hard work. I love that you, Benjamin and Bradley, are so responsive, and you listen to and seek your customers’ feedback. In fact, what makes it the most special to me is that you've managed to turn your product into a community right from the start!

SonjaResearcher at Uniqa

I have to say I am really loving Dovetail and the potential it has in gathering and sharing qualitative data and insights!

TinaUX Designer at MacMillan Learning

Highlighting text to tag is great! I love that I can add multiple tags to highlighted text. It’s super easy.

AureliaUX Researcher at Pinterest

I love how easy Dovetail makes tagging and analyzing lots of interview transcripts. The interface is fast and responsive, and I’m able to get more data and insights because of how well the tool fits into my workflow.

BenjaminFounder at For The Win

I’m just loving Dovetail for qualitative user feedback documentation and analysis. It’s just a lovely experience. I don’t know what impresses me more… the app or the team and how they are building it 👏👏👏

MichaelVP of Product at Onist

We’ve been using Dovetail to collate and store all of our user research data. We love how easy it is to synthesise and gain insights, share the data with stakeholders, and access notes and insights whenever we need to. It saves us so much time.

SarahUX Researcher at HotelsCombined

One of the biggest challenges I face is making the work I do transparent and keeping the wider business engaged in the research we are conducting. Dovetail has become an essential tool for me, in this regard, and has really transformed the way I work. Being able to record all raw notes as research is being conducted, and inviting people to get in there and be part of the process, makes the research we do accessible and keeps everyone involved.

SophieResearcher at Kickstand Design

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30 day free trial, no credit card required.