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We frequently hear about the frustration that comes with creating meaningful insights from research that are continually useful and relevant to stakeholders. Effective customer-focused organizations can make strategic research-driven decisions every day, but others struggle to get their research noticed and actioned by decision-makers.

The traditional research process often converts user research data into insights that are presented and stored in reports. Both the report and the raw information that guided these insights – spreadsheets, videos, audio files, transcripts, PDFs – are then often lost in an abyss of files and folders or sit within one siloed part of the organization. This means valuable research is lost or out of sight, causing businesses to become trapped in a vicious cycle of repeating research and learning the same things over again.

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Picture of contributor to Method in Madness, Lucy Denton.
Lucy Denton
Senior Product Designer, Dovetail
Passionate designer and cake aficionado.
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Picture of contributor to Method in Madness, Jess Nichols.
Jess Nichols
User Research Lead, Dovetail
Strategic researcher and bourbon nerd.
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Picture of contributor to Method in Madness, Tomer Sharon.
Tomer Sharon
Head of User Research & Metrics, Goldman Sachs
Renowned author on lean user research.
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Picture of contributor to Method in Madness, James Vinh.
James Vinh
President, San Diego Experience Design Professionals
Expert user researcher and San Diego fan.
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