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Frequently asked questions

How do I import data into Dovetail?
You can add upload a variety of data to Dovetail including text, images, audio, video, spreadsheets, and files.
Can I create tags across projects?
Yes. Create an extension and link it to multiple projects. Tags in the extension will be available in all linked projects.
Can I merge two tags together?
Yes. Drag and drop the tag you want to merge onto another tag.
How do I restrict user access to projects?
You can set global user access roles in workspace settings or configure access for a specific project.
Can I belong to multiple workspaces?
Yes. You can belong to more than workspace and switch between them.
How do I share my projects with others?
Invite other people to your workspace in workspace settings or turn on insights public access.
How do I download data from Dovetail?
You can download highlights as a CSV, notes and insights as a PDF, and files in the original format.
I’m not receiving emails from Dovetail – why?
Check your spam folder and talk to your admin about your firewall.
How do I change the workspace admin?
Other admins can change who has admin access.
How do I delete a workspace?
Your workspace can be deleted in workspace settings.
I can’t access my Dovetail account – why?
Follow these troubleshooting steps before contacting us.
How do I download my invoice or receipt?
Invoices and receipts can be downloaded in your workspace billing settings.

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