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Make better product decisions through the power of deep customer understanding.

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Make sense of all your customer feedback

Whether you’re analyzing product feedback, NPS responses, or interviews, Dovetail helps you discover insights steeped in customer understanding.

Upload and transcribe in a matter of minutes

Pull in any customer conversation you’ve had, and we’ll transcribe it with our fast and accurate transcription engine.

Centralize your customer feedback

Connect Google Drive, Zoom, or Zapier to streamline your workflow and bring in essential customer feedback and commentary.

Uncover insights from all kinds of data

Quickly and efficiently reveal themes, pain points, and sentiment across all customer feedback with customizable tags.

Feedback formats

Customer feedback

Centralize the feedback you receive from your customers and uncover actionable insights across your research data.

Net Promoter Score

Connect your NPS survey tool and identify patterns across qualitative responses from promoters, passives, and detractors.

User interviews

Keep recordings and notes in one place and make sense of themes across your interviews with tags.

Matt Hinds from SafetyCulture

Being able to have a source of truth and get everyone on the same page quicker is an absolute game changer for someone like a product manager whose entire role revolves around that.

Matt Hinds, Product Manager at SafetyCulture

A centralized source of truth for all customer knowledge

Whether you’re analyzing product feedback, NPS, or user interviews, Dovetail helps you discover insights steeped in customer understanding.

Rally everyone around customer insights

With real-time comments and mentions, you can discuss customer feedback and insights and agree on product direction as a team.

Share stories that inspire your team

Transform user research into beautiful and compelling narratives that influence leadership on your roadmap and product vision.

Create a home for all customer knowledge

Center your entire organization around the customer and empower them to make decisions backed by current and past insights.

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