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Dovetail powers customer research at thousands of organizations around the globe, from small agencies to universities to Fortune 100 companies.

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Built for teams large and small

Universal Music
H&R Block
The New York Times
CME Group
Optimal Workshop
Bangkok Bank
Weight Watchers
Australia Post
User Testing
Argo Group
Rockwell Automation
Allied Irish Banks
Publicis Media
Survey Monkey
Task Rabbit
Delivery Hero
Tetra Pak
Virgin Pulse
Product Hunt

Being able to have a source of truth and get everyone on the same page quicker is an absolute game changer for someone like a product manager whose entire role revolves around that.

Matt Hinds

Product Manager

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Customer stories

Get inspired and learn how our customers get value from Dovetail.

Canva Pro Any Device

The research specialty at this online design and publishing tool uses Dovetail to achieve their mission of empowering the world to design.

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SafetyCulture front door

Dovetail helps the product team at this global tech company to stay true to their value of holding the customer at the heart of everything they do.

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DoubleCheck hero
DoubleCheck logo

The team at this win/loss analysis provider use Dovetail to help their clients better understand why they win some deals and lose others.

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Dovetail helps the Digitalisation & Innovation department drive process forward at Uniqa, one of Europe’s largest insurance providers.

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Careship cover image

This Berlin-based startup wants to fundamentally change the way care is delivered in Europe, and user research with Dovetail plays a critical role.

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For the win cover image

This New York based consultancy helps early-stage startups build a great workplace for their employees by using Dovetail for user research analysis.

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You’re in good company

Over 45,000 researchers, designers, and product managers use Dovetail.

Katherine Agnew from Gartner
Katherine Agnew


Dovetail is easy and intuitive to use. It has helped me be a better researcher and envision new ways of conducting and structuring research.

Sara Lessing from Cytiva
Sara Lessing


Dovetail makes UX research analysis so much easier. My colleagues outside of the UX team are more empathetic to our users after seeing the video clips from Dovetail.

Kim Chan from VMware
Kim Chan


Innovative approach to managing a research repository. I haven't seen anything like it.

Eram Nejadgashti from Keypath Education
Eram Nejadgashti

Keypath Education

My friend recommended Dovetail to me, and it has changed my life as it relates to gathering data.

Luis Valencia from Smart
Luis Valencia


Great UI, UX for video managment, tag management, and having 85+% accurate transcription is super helpful in research analysis!

Elle Beebe-Tron from
Elle Beebe-Tron

The features offered are amazing. Analysis and repository is something I wish I knew about, or had access to, earlier in my research career.

Bronwyn McNutt from Robert Half Technology
Bronwyn McNutt

Robert Half Technology

It’s so easy and powerful! I’m kind of obsessed.

Haifa Sekkouah from HCL
Haifa Sekkouah

HCL Technologies

A much-needed tool that’s been missing in the research workflow. The day I was introduced to Dovetail, I cried internally. It saves a lot of time at the outset when collating research, but the real magic is in the long term with the ability to share insights in an organization and reduce the amount of research that actually needs to get done.

Diana Bittern from Elsevier
Diana Bittern


I’ve worked in Product Management and used clunky, obsolete systems for gathering, organizing, and presenting data from user observations. Dovetail transformed my work in my previous job, and I’ve introduced it to my new (product) team who is agog at its value.

Christopher Benkjer Espersen from Velliv
Christopher Benkjer Espersen


Finally, I can easily spot trends in our user feedback and categorize them when needed. It’s good to have one place to store all feedback, so I don’t have to go through e-mails, PowerPoints, Post-Its, and pictures.

Julieanne Kelly from Whitespace
Julieanne Kelly


So valuable for our qualitative user research in highlighting key quotes and categorizing them into themes to be explored further. It’s the essential tool in my user research toolkit!

Jessica Tong from Like Family
Jessica Tong

Like Family

Dovetail’s tagging tool has changed the way the design team analyzes user interviews to be more systematic and methodological. It has allowed me to find, organize and share insights and interview snippets with the wider company more efficiently. Great product. They’ve thought of everything!

Samantha Uebel from Levven
Samantha Uebel


I really like how I can organize all of my qualitative research in a bite-sized, consumable way for my stakeholders.

Alon Uziel from Echobox
Alon Uziel


It seems like everything has been thought about from the user’s point of view, which is very rare!

Ravenna Nuaimy-Barker from Reos Partners
Ravenna Nuaimy-Barker

Reos Partners

I have not come across another tool that matches Dovetail’s in terms of ability to tag and sort data collaboratively and at a reasonable price. Also the ability to use various data types together (video, audio, text) is fantastic. Keep it up!

Sarah Devereaux from Murmur
Sarah Devereaux


The tagging functionality and flexible taxonomy is a game changer.

Victoria Japhet from Schneider Electric
Victoria Japhet

Schneider Electric

As an employee of my organization’s Customer Experience Team, my job focuses heavily on conducting internal and external interviews, panels, and workshops. These events produce so much valuable feedback, but having to go back and listen to the meeting recordings and reviewing my notes was a huge pain point. Dovetail was therefore a GAME CHANGER. I can quickly upload, transcribe, tag, and analyze feedback. More importantly, Dovetail allows me to meet internal and external customer needs faster.

John Long from Unstack
John Long


Incredible product! Dovetail is an essential part of my research toolbox. I can’t imagine approaching a new project without it!

Jonathan Jakimon from Galvanize
Jonathan Jakimon


The tagging feature is by far the best compared to competitors. It’s effective and allows us to work with efficiency. The tool is very flexible and allows for different methodologies to process the data.

Sophie Ashcroft from Blue Prism
Sophie Ashcroft

Blue Prism

Dovetail works wonderfully as a repo for all our research needs and we’re able to communicate all those insights with our product team.

Tash Wolf from SafetyCulture
Natasha Wolf


Anyone in the team can dive into your research space, access the same data, see the volume metrics around different kinds of requests, and view customer interviews. This means that they deeply understand the problems they’re solving in a way that just giving them a feature request doesn’t accomplish

Jules Lipman, Product Designer at SafetyCulture
Jules Lipman


Everything’s in the one place and the team only needs to remember one link. It’s absolutely our tool end-to-end. I don't know what we’d do without it actually.

Becky White from Canva
Becky White


Dovetail brings everything into one place. Everyone in the product team can easily go in and view research sessions. It makes everything a lot less chaotic, a lot more organized, and the research team a lot less stressed.

Craig Boustred from Canva
Craig Boustred


Transcription is a game changer. There aren’t many effective transcription tools out there so just being able to upload a video into Dovetail, have it all transcribed, and work your way through the data has tightened our process and made it a lot more efficient.

Dylan Mason at You Need A Budget
Dylan Mason

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

I’ve never had a tool so dedicated and focused on making the research experience the very best it can be. Plus, your development pace is bananas. How do you do it?! (Seriously, all of us over here at YNAB want to know.)

Sherif Mansour from Atlassian
Sherif Mansour


I’ve been involved in software research projects for nearly 12 years. This process is often incredibly messy, tedious and highly intensive (in terms of labor). You’re living in sticky note hell and it’s even more challenging to do this as a remote team. The one thing Dovetail does an incredible job at is making it easy to aggregate qualitative research, identify trends and produce reports quickly without all that manual work.

Matt Hinds from SafetyCulture
Matt Hinds


Being able to have a source of truth and get everyone on the same page quicker is an absolute game changer for someone like a product manager whose entire role revolves around that.

Sonja from UNIQA
Sonja Bobrowska


Dovetail is versatile, reliable, and beautiful. It supports different styles of research and is pleasing to the eye, which should not be underestimated when working with a tool on a daily basis! The Dovetail team regularly seeks out and uses customers’ feedback, optimizing the tool and delivering more value with each update. Dovetail is not just a tool – the community built around it is ready to support newbies and experienced users alike. We, the Research team at UNIQA, love it and cannot imagine doing our jobs without it!”

Sophie Ellis from Kickstand
Sophie Ellis

Kickstand Design

One of the biggest challenges I face is making the work I do transparent and keeping the wider business engaged in the research we are conducting. Dovetail has become an essential tool for me, in this regard, and has really transformed the way I work. Being able to record all raw notes as research is being conducted, and inviting people to get in there and be part of the process, makes the research we do accessible and keeps everyone involved.

Alex DeWitt from The UX Agency
Alex DeWitt

The UX Agency

Dovetail has made existing research so much more powerful by allowing searching through transcripts to dig out extra information when needed. Worth it for that alone. The tagging and tag boards are great for design teams to organize what to do next.

Ria Chan from SafetyCulture
Ria Chan


Dovetail is a central place to find out about all the research that’s been done in a product area. You can get a holistic view of everything that our customer has said about us: What’s great about us, what’s not great about us, what we can do to improve, and where those gaps and opportunities are. I think that’s awesome.

Naomi Davidson from Robert Half Technology
Naomi Davidson

Robert Half Technology

It helps you see connections that would normally be hard to see.

Benjamin Jackson

For The Win

I love how easy Dovetail makes tagging and analyzing lots of interview transcripts. The interface is fast and responsive, and I’m able to get more data and insights because of how well the tool fits into my workflow.

Sam Cusano from Preqin
Sam Cusano


A one stop source for your user research repository needs.

Antoine François-Marsal from Schneider Electric
Antoine François-Marsal

Schneider Electric

It’s the best tool I’ve tested for qualitative research and thematic analysis. It’s easy to use, approachable, and flexible.

Tracie Smith from Covetrus
Tracie Lynn Smith


Your tagging system is a dream come true!!

Megan Creighton from CBRE
Megan Creighton

CBRE | Host

I love Dovetail! It’s easy to use, the transcription service is great, and the tagging features are amazing.

Katarina Bagherian from Adyen
Katarina Bagherian


Easy to use interface that automates the tedious parts of research analysis!

Kate Bredbenner at Wiley
Kate Bredbenner


Dovetail is really handy for cataloging long-term findings from user research.

Paul Senatori from Sitecore
Paul Senatori


Organizing my research assets in a cloud environment increases my efficiency as a researcher and improves the sharing and communication of workflows and research results.

Jonathan Steingiesser from Property Finder
Jonathan Steingiesser

Property Finder

Dovetail has been a driving force in maturing and democratizing design research in our organization.

Helen O'Leary from OCR
Helen O'Leary


It has saved me a lot of time and helped me communicate a story to decision makers.

Kate Moran from Nielsen Norman Group 2
Kate Moran

Nielsen Norman Group

One of the best qualitative research tools I’ve seen. The transcription feature has sped up my analysis workflow substantially!

Alice Packard from FiscalNote
Alice Packard


The ability to create a flexible tagging system allows my team to perform rigorous analysis of our qualitative data. No other tool I’m aware of lets us do this.

Laurence Veale from AIB
Laurence Veale


It’s great to have a central research repository and the video transcription service is great.

Eliz Ayaydin from Sendle
Eliz Ayaydin


Life saver for organizing insights from large data sets, transcription is working beautifully, and a very delightful user experience.

Amber Allen from Infotech
Amber Allen


It’s the best qualitative research tool I’ve used. Modern interface, easy to use, like the sharing and presentation options.

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