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About Dovetail

Dovetail was founded in 2017 by two ex-Atlassians: Benjamin Humphrey and Bradley Ayers.

We started Dovetail because we believe that deeply understanding one’s customers is the secret ingredient to making great products. Therefore our mission is to help teams centralize, organize, analyze, and collaborate on user research data across their organization.

Dovetail has been growing steadily since our initial launch in October 2017. We now have thousands of users researchers, designers, and product managers using Dovetail worldwide at great organizations like Arm, BCG, Chargebee, CSIRO Data61, Deliveroo, Deloitte, Harvard, Elsevier, Freshworks, Kayak, Spotify, Thoughtworks, Uniqa, VMware, and many more!

Meet the team

We’re a small group of 🐨 Aussies and 🥝 Kiwis (and a German 🍺) based in 🇦🇺 Sydney Australia.

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Benjamin Humphrey

CEO / Designer / Developer

Benjamin is a designer, developer, and entrepreneur. Benjamin has worked in Australia, New Zealand, and the SF bay area leading projects at Atlassian, Delicious, and Ubuntu.

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Bradley Ayers

CTO / Developer

Brad’s a software architect living in Sydney. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Griffith University and previously worked as an architect at Atlassian.

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Chris Manouvrier

Lead Developer

Chris is a software engineer based in Sydney. Chris has a Bachelor of Software Engineering and Physics from UNSW and has worked with various startups around Sydney.

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David Richard

Lead Developer

David brings German engineering principles to the startup game. He was previously building shiny products at Atlassian.

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Kai Forsyth

Customer Success Manager

Kai helps Dovetail customers do great things. He previously worked on design and research projects at Intercom and Atlassian.

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Liz Ross

Product Marketer

Liz is on board to help spread the good word of Dovetail. She came across from Microsoft where she worked towards winning the hearts and minds of the audience through powerful storytelling.

Our philosophy

We’re inspired by the values of companies like Atlassian, Basecamp, and Buffer.

We’re transparent. We have a public roadmap and Slack workspace. We openly discuss future plans with our customers. We believe in simple and transparent pricing. Our price is always available on our website, and we charge a simple flat monthly fee regardless of organization size.

We’re human. We offer trial extensions when you need more time because we understand things don’t happen overnight. We offer refunds if you accidentally forgot to cancel at the beginning of a new billing period. We respect Do Not Track on our website. And we make mistakes, but when we do, we own up to them honestly and try to make amends.

We’re focused on product. Our focus and investment is mostly in product development rather than marketing or sales. We prefer building intuitive experiences over documentation and tutorials. We prefer building a great set of features that “sell themselves” over hiring a sales team. When we do work on things that aren’t the product (for example, this website), we hold ourselves to a high standard.

Our location

Level 2, 251 Riley Street
Sydney, NSW 2010



Made in Australia by 🐨Aussies and 🥝Kiwis (and a German 🍺)

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