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Lightning insights: a masterclass on research methods for product managers

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The fast pace of product development requires an equally fast approach to developing customer insights. Particularly for product managers, who are often the chief customer advocate in their team. The problem is: with limited time and many other duties to perform, customer research conducted over weeks or months simply isn’t an option.

We’re holding a masterclass on lean user research for product managers to assist with this challenge. Join us at 9 am Thursday, April 28 PST, where we’ll hear from two experts—one researcher and one PM—on how to uncover rapid and reliable insights about your customers. After the masterclass, you will walk away with the skills needed to make faster and better customer-centric product decisions.

You’ll hear from: 

Curtis Stanier

As a Director of Product at Delivery Hero, Curtis Stainier will lean on his ample experience in the field and provide his expert view on how product managers can conduct and apply research in their work. No stranger to the moving feast of priorities that is product management, Stanier will cut through the theory and deliver a practical, PM-focused approach to understanding customers in a fast and reliable fashion.

Nikki Anderson

An experienced research educator, Nikki has delivered training to more than 12,000 students through User Research Academy. In our masterclass, Nikki will shed light on her approach to lean user research, specifically on how to streamline your synthesis process. Need a fast and reliable way to uncover insights? Nikki will show you how!

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