Powerful features designed to help you organize, analyze, and share qualitative user research and insights.


Identify patterns across qualitative data with our rich text editor. Select text and quickly highlight sentences with tags.

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Full-text search

Search within notes, tags, insights, and highlights. Use advanced querying to filter results and find what you’re looking for.

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Full-text search

Images and files

Drag and drop images, recordings, videos, presentations, and more into notes. Store files in-context. No more linking to Dropbox!

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Images and files


Organize your user research data with an intuitive drag and drop board, integrations, charts, insights, and more.

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Visualize tag usage in a quick snapshot or identify trends over time with our beautiful, colorful bar and line charts.

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All features

Bar chart

Understand your research at a glance with a beautiful bar chart


View notes, tags, and insights on a drag and drop board, like Trello

Custom colors

Choose from a variety of colors for groups and tags or use your own


Download notes and insights as PDFs and tags as a CSV file

Full-text search

Search within notes, tags, insights, and highlights across projects


Dovetail is GDPR-ready with a DPA available for Enterprise customers

Google log in

Log in or sign up with your organization’s Google account


Break down long form text into structured, tagged data


Insert images into your research notes, tags, and insights


Upload a CSV to create notes, tags, and insights from a spreadsheet


Summarize and share your research insights during analysis


Browse notes, tags, and insights on your phone or tablet


Quickly take research notes in our easy-to-use rich text editor


Organize research data into projects with unique tag taxonomies

Project categories

Drag and drop to rearrange projects in custom categories

Real time collaboration

Collaborate your research project with others in real time

Quick edit

Quickly edit notes, tags, and insights without leaving your context

Sentiment analysis

Automatically analyze the sentiment of long form textual data


Invite colleagues and collaborate across your organization

Team branding

Personalize your team with your organization logo and name


Import from thousands of apps like Delighted, Typeform, and Wufoo

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