Super simple research analysis

Analyze user research data with powerful tagging, categorization, and reporting features.

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Analyze unstructured data

Analyze user research data like notes, transcripts, survey responses, NPS responses, and more

Build a tag library

Create and manage your library of tags with colors, groups, descriptions, and priorities

Visualize with charts

Get a quick overview of your user research by quantifying your tags with the bar chart

Save time with sentiment analysis

Run automatic sentiment analysis when importing data and let Dovetail do the tagging for you


Select text and highlight paragraphs, sentences, or words to tag them. Everything you’ve tagged is centralized in one place, like sticky notes.

Tag management

Easily modify your tags during analysis with bulk copy, move, and merge.

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Bar chart

Visualize different metrics on a bar chart and filter tags to quantify usage.

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Sentiment analysis

Dovetail’s NLP can automatically tag positive and negative sentences for you in a variety of languages.

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