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Discover patterns across a variety of qualitative research methods, unstructured data, and video files. Dovetail is analysis software you’ll love to use.

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Make sense of data

Dovetail is a powerful way to discover patterns across interviews, usability testing, survey responses, and more.

Build your taxonomy

Organize tags into a hierarchy with intuitive controls like drag & drop, and extend your project with global tags.

Visualize your research

Turn qualitative data into quantitative data with highlights, and visualize your work with a variety of beautiful charts.

From raw data to insights

Simply select text and highlight to add tags. Transcribe video recordings, discover patterns across interviews, usability tests, survey responses, and more.

Explore use cases

See how Dovetail can help analyze data from interviews to NPS responses.

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Visualize your research

Turn qualitative data into quantitative data. Chart, filter, and segment themes across interview notes, transcripts, survey responses, and more.

Analysis features

Make sense of interview notes, transcripts, survey responses, and more.


Select text and highlight paragraphs, sentences, or words to tag them.

Video highlights

Select text and tag your transcript to build video highlights across recordings.

Editable transcripts

Redact, split monologues, and tidy transcripts with full text editing capabilities.


Visualize your tags with multiple charts including a bar chart, pie chart, radar plot, and more.

Tag management

Easily modify your tags during analysis with controls like edit, copy, move, and merge.


Search the full text of research data and insights across all projects in your workspace.

Search within video

Search the full text transcript of any video and find the exact moment you're looking for.


Import your Zoom cloud meeting recordings and transcribe in a just few clicks.

Structured data

Create custom fields to store attributes like name, age, interview date, and more.


Use powerful filtering controls to segment and refine your results by structured data.

85%+ accuracy

An advanced speech engine for reliable transcripts across topics, industries, and accents.

Sentiment analysis

Machine learning automatically tags sentences for you in over 12 different languages.

Drag & drop boards

Intuitively organize your tags into boards and groups with Trello-like drag and drop.


Organize projects to track different initiatives across departments and teams.

File storage

Store images, video, recordings, and documents in-context within notes and insights.

Bulk edit

Select multiple things and perform operations on all of them at once.


Import data from a CSV file, or drag & drop to upload files directly.

Multi-language transcription

Transcribe in 5 languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French – with more coming soon.


Track and manage your research participants by linking them with notes and insights.

Transcription and video highlights

A powerful new way to share stories and create a repository of searchable video clips.

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Trusted by researchers

Over 15,000 researchers, designers, and product managers use Dovetail.


My team has started using Dovetail even more and the amount of productivity increase we are witnessing is amazing. The turnaround time for customer interviews to be converted to reports has reduced immensely and the quality of our reports have also improved a lot. Your app is simply too good!


I've got to say, playing around with Dovetail I felt a deep unwinding of tension - it seems like the answer to the need I had for a lightweight but powerful and affordable insights repository that makes the value of qualitative research plain as day.

BenjaminFor The Win

I love how easy Dovetail makes tagging and analyzing lots of interview transcripts. The interface is fast and responsive, and I’m able to get more data and insights because of how well the tool fits into my workflow.

BethHoughton Mifflin Harcourt

It’s awesome! I’m always finding new and creative ways to use Dovetail to support my work as a learning and performance practitioner.


I think this is the best tool on the market for UX research repositories. Does it have every function you might need? No. However, no tool does and unlike others, the Dovetail team is actively engaged with their network to make improvements that we request. What more could you want!


Loving the product. Tagging has been a breeze and re-organizing my thoughts using Dovetail has been easier than any other platform I’ve used!


Overall very happy that I can use the same tool for disseminating insights around the entire business as well as analyse our research! Great customer service, they've been quick to help us with anything and their roadmap looks great and they also seem to be pretty quick at turning around new features!

IrinaIngram Micro Cloud

It's easy to use, and it really saves your time. It suits different types of qualitative research. The interface of this service is cute and easy to use. Support is more than helpful.



KitStudio IQ

I really, really like it. It’s rock solid, super stable. I’m currently transferring a bunch of content from Trint to Dovetail and the difference in perceived quality is incredible.

LaurieHarvard University

Our experience has been wonderful. The customer service is truly amazing. When we upgraded from our free trial we received and email from the CEO & co-founder. He has answered all questions we have had with a very fast response time. He has also asked for feedback, and responded to our suggestions. We have truly felt supported while using Dovetail.


Dovetail has been a great tool for my team. We are all loving the consistent flow of updated/new features and the transparent roadmap.


Dovetail has been a great way for me to sort and organize our user research at Matter.


I’m finding it very useful in helping me analyze research and collaborate with others. It’s nice and simple, easy to learn, but its simplicity belies its smarts. And from what I see of the people behind it, I believe it’s gonna get even better.

MattUsability Hub

I think you’ve done phenomenal work on the user interface. It’s actually pretty enviable how polished the entire offering is given the size of your team. Really nice work :)


I’m just loving Dovetail for qualitative user feedback documentation and analysis. It’s just a lovely experience. I don’t know what impresses me more… the app or the team and how they are building it!

MilaHoughton Mifflin Harcourt

Dovetail has made a big difference in our knowledge sharing and access capabilities for user research. We had developed a treasure trove of research over the years, and we felt somewhat limited by more traditional file sharing platforms, which essentially allowed us to put the research in one place, but not to explore and digest the information in an intuitive, user-friendly way.


It’s really great and I love features like tags. You guys are consistently improving and adding new things, so that’s pretty helpful.

PascalWhispers & Giants

I just spent the entire day in Dovetail, love it. Looking forward to seeing the evolution of Dovetail and I hope it’s growing.


A place for all of our user research data to go. Like Google Search but our data that we can derive learnings from.

SarahChannel Nine

We’ve been using Dovetail to collate and store all of our user research data. We love how easy it is to synthesise and gain insights, share the data with stakeholders, and access notes and insights whenever we need to. It saves us so much time.


Great tool, easy to use, helps global user research teams collaborate efficiently. Keep it up!

ScottThe Customer Experience Company

As a service designer, I’ve finally learned how to make the switch from endless post its to Dovetail, and I’m now a bit spoiled for features! I love the ease of tagging and being able to see the entirety of my research in one place. I’ve recommended it to everyone in my studio. Love the UI and how simple it is to navigate. Keep up the great work team!


I’ve been involved in software research projects for nearly 10 years. This process is often incredibly messy, tedious and highly intensive (in terms of labor). You’re often living in sticky note hell and it’s even more challenging to do this as a remote team. The one thing Dovetail does an incredible job at is making it easy to aggregate qualitative research, identify trends and produce reports quickly without all that manual work.


I love that it’s made especially for researchers, and it has been researched — ha! — to suit their different styles of work. I love that it is continuously being improved thanks to the founders’ hard work. I love that you, Benjamin and Bradley, are so responsive, and you listen to and seek your customers’ feedback. In fact, what makes it the most special to me is that you've managed to turn your product into a community right from the start!


One of the biggest challenges I face is making the work I do transparent and keeping the wider business engaged in the research we are conducting. Dovetail has become an essential tool for me, in this regard, and has really transformed the way I work. Being able to record all raw notes as research is being conducted, and inviting people to get in there and be part of the process, makes the research we do accessible and keeps everyone involved.


I love Dovetail for our research analysis and repository tool. We're always identifying new ways to leverage the tool for research needs. Dovetail is also really receptive to feedback, constantly improving, and doing research on the researchers.


Structuring qualitative research is a huge challenge. As well as keeping everything at one place. Dovetail is good at these things with its excellent tagging system and robust platform.

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