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Go from raw customer research data to actionable findings with fast, accurate, and flexible mixed methods analysis software.

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Quickly go from a recording to tagged video clips

Speed up your entire workflow with advanced transcription and tagging capabilities and say goodbye to complex video editing software.

Add recordings from anywhere

Highlight and tag to save key moments

Bring your customers to life through video

Inspire action from your team

Effortlessly import your Zoom recordings

Bring your Zoom cloud recordings into Dovetail and turn them into editable and accurate transcripts in just a few clicks.

Upload and transcribe in a matter of minutes

Upload your video or audio and we’ll transcribe it with our fast and accurate transcription engine. Seek and edit, name speakers, split monologues, and more.

Break recordings into key moments

Focus your time on finding insights rather than manual transcription with our fast, accurate transcription engine.

Video features

Video hightlights
Video highlights

Select text and tag your transcript to build video highlights across recordings.

Edit Doc
Editable transcripts

Redact, split monologues, and tidy transcripts with full text editing capabilities.

Search video
Search within video

Search the full text transcript of any video and find the exact moment you’re looking for.

Synced playback

Follow what’s being spoken about in the transcript while you listen to the recording.


Import your Zoom cloud meeting recordings and transcribe in a just few clicks.

Video processing

Support for common file formats including MP4, MOV, MPEG, MP3, M4A, and more.

Speaker detection
Speaker detection

Automatically detect multiple speakers from your file, add and rename speakers.

Pip Expand

Pin playback to the bottom of your screen, create highlights and tags as you watch.

Playback speed

Listen to video and audio at 1.2x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds to race through your analysis.


Share videos on the big screen in meetings with fullscreen playback across devices.

Audio-only support

Support for audio as well as video. Just upload an audio file and transcribe to get started.

Multi-language transcription

Transcribe in 28 languages including Arabic, Dutch, Hindi, Russian, Spanish and more.

Accurate transcription in 28 languages

Our speech engine is trained on 100,000+ hours of human-transcribed content across multiple topics, industries, and accents. This makes our transcripts some of the most accurate, even with low quality recordings.

Play audio sample

It feels really nice to be able to add value to someone’s life through the software that I’m writing so I think technology is such an amazing platform for being able to have that how, I guess.

It feels really nice to be able to add value to someone’s life through the software that I’m reading sexing technologies, so An amazing platform for being able to have that power is.


It feels really not too bad and I’ll use someone’s life through the subway, then I’m writing stuff. Technology is such an amazing platform. Being able to have that. How I.

Errors in transcript, from a low quality video call recording

Unlock insights from all kinds of qualitative data

No matter what research you’re doing, Dovetail speeds up your analysis workflow and helps you uncover insights backed by evidence.

Customer Interview
Customer interviews

Import user interviews, tag your data to understand themes across your research, and centralize all recordings and notes.

Employee interviews
Employee interviews

Transcribe internal interviews and discover patterns with highlights and tags.

Market Research
Market research

Conduct trend analysis by analyzing existing research reports and articles.

Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score

Connect your NPS survey tool and identify patterns across qualitative responses from promoters, passives, and detractors.

Sales Calls
Sales calls

Import recordings from Zoom and let Dovetail transcribe them for storage and analysis.

Support Ticket
Support tickets

Connect tools like Zendesk and ServiceNow to research themes in your support tickets.


Find patterns across responses and make sense of all your survey data.

Usability testing
Usability testing

Find patterns across sessions, store metrics like SUS or time on task, and share insights.

Discover patterns across data sources

Uncover insights and identify themes across your customer research data with customizable tags.

Segment with fields

Create custom fields to store attributes like name, age, interview date, and more, then use powerful filtering controls to segment and refine your results by structured data.

Analysis features


Select and highlight paragraphs, sentences, or words to categorize with tags.

Tag management
Tag management

Easily modify your tags during analysis with controls like edit, copy, move, and merge.

Structured data

Create custom fields to store attributes like name, age, interview date, and more.


Use powerful filtering controls to segment and refine your results by structured data.

Bulk edit
Bulk edit

Select multiple things and perform operations on all of them at once.

Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis

Machine learning automatically tags sentences for you in over 12 different languages.

Drag and drop boards
Drag and drop boards

Intuitively organize your tags into boards and groups with Trello-like drag and drop.


Import data from Google Drive, a CSV file, or drag and drop to upload files directly.


Create traceable atomic insights backed by evidence from your analysis in projects.


Search the full text of research data and insights across all projects in your workspace.

Zip file
File storage

Store images, video, recordings, and documents in-context within notes and insights.


Organize projects to track different initiatives across departments and teams.

Visualize your research to drive impact

Turn qualitative data into quantitative data. Chart, filter, and segment themes across interview notes, transcripts, survey responses, and more.

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