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Simple and affordable.

Pay the same regardless of your organization size. Unlimited users, integrations, all current and future features, and no strings attached — cancel any time.

Try free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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USD / month total

Limited early adopter pricing

What does “unlimited users” mean?

You might be used to paying for hefty software licenses or paying a monthly fee for each user you invite. With Dovetail, whether you have 5 or 500 users, the total price is always $29.00 USD each month.

What does “all current and future features” mean?

We’re improving Dovetail every day, so you don’t have to wait for the next ‘version’ to be released and pay to upgrade. For $29 / month, you get all the features we have now, and everything we release in the future.

How safe is our data?

It’s as safe as it’ll be anywhere else, except perhaps under your bed. We use industry-standard cloud infrastructure and employ extra safeguards to ensure your data remains private and secure. Learn more.

Will we be charged when the trial’s up?

We don’t ask for your credit card up front. At any time during the trial, or when the trial has finished, you can decide what you want to do. If you want to continue, we’ll ask for your credit card then. If not, no hard feelings.

What if we need more than 14 days to try Dovetail?

Let us know if you need more time. We’re happy to extend your trial. Likewise, if you previously tried Dovetail and have returned, we’ll give you a new 14 day trial!

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes. We’re not going to lock you in to anything. Get in touch with us and we’ll cancel your subscription at the beginning of the next billing period.

What does “limited early adopter pricing” mean?

To celebrate our launch we’re offering an ultra-low price of $29 / month for a limited time. The price will go up as we add more features, but only for new customers.

How does Dovetail compare to other research software?

Depending on what you’re thinking of, Dovetail might be more collaborative, intuitive, or cheaper. Check out our answer on Quora to learn more.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! We’re just tired of expensive, clunky, and unintuitive research software with lock-in contracts, annoying salespeople, and opaque pricing.


“Jeez I didn’t get the unlimited user part. Impressive stuff, your pricing is actually a great differentiator. $29 is a really good price for me!”

Pascal — Design Researcher at Enigma


Take research notes and analyze feedback with our collaborative editor


Quickly tag user research & customer feedback with inline annotations


Drag & drop, paste, or import images to organize and analyze



Organically create research insights throughout the analysis process


Build connections between data as you identify patterns

Bulk editing

Replace and remove tags from multiple snippets of text


Categorize your research data into color-coded, named groups

Board view

View notes, tags, and insights as a board with drag & drop like Trello


Quickly sort by title, last modified, created date, or a custom rank


Collaborate with researchers and stakeholders across your organization


Ask questions or add observations to research data & customer feedback



Follow a project and be notified when new insights are published



Organize research data into projects and create unique tag sets

Full-text search

Search through past research data and learn from historical insights


Zapier integration

Import data from 750+ integrations like Intercom, Typeform, and Rev

Import & export

Import data from a CSV and export your annotations at any time

Deep linking

Directly link or bookmark anything, including unique annotations

Keyboard shortcuts

Power user? No worries! Keyboard shortcuts make you super fast!


Take your research with you and browse outside the office

Google log in

Quickly log in or sign up with your existing Google account

Multi-region backups

Daily database backups and multi-region failover

TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Data is encrypted while moving between us and your browser

Database encryption

Prevents malicious access through an infrastructure attack

Database-level security

Robust policy-based access controls minimize risk and improves auditing

CSRF prevention

Helps to prevent attacks from other websites you might visit

Sanitized logs

Technical application logs do not contain sensitive customer data
Read our privacy policy

2FA via Google log in

An extra step to verify your identity when logging in with Google