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Analyzing the results of your usability testing sessions can be a painstaking task. If you’re taking notes in-person or conducting remote or unmoderated testing using tools like Lookback or UserTesting – it can take hours to find patterns and the common issues across your tests.

With Dovetail, you can go from usability test recordings to actionable insights ready to share with your team in no time. Add recordings and transcripts from your user tests to Dovetail, find patterns across your data, store quantitative UX metrics like SUS or time on task, and contribute insights to your team’s research repository.

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From user tests to action

Simply select text and highlight to add tags. Store all of your recordings in one place, and keep track of important usability metrics.

Easily import from usability testing apps

Export your data from usability testing tools and import it to Dovetail in just a few steps.


Talk to your users and see how they’re using your app.

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Great customer experience starts with human insight.

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Take the guesswork out of design decisions.

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Transcription and video highlights

A powerful new way to share stories and create a repository of searchable video clips.

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Turn your analysis into action

Go from usability test recordings to actionable insights in no time.

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