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Renaming Discover to Home and making it more relevant

6 Jan 2020Product1m read

We’ve renamed our Discover page to Home to make it more similar to what people are used to in other products, and shipped a couple of small features to make Dovetail more relevant to you. Now, when you log in to Dovetail, or click your workspace logo in the top left, you’ll be taken to Home instead of Discover.

At the top of Home, you’ll see a section called Projects you’re working on which displays a list of projects you’ve created or contributed to in the past 30 days. The list is automatically sorted with the most recent project at the top.

Screenshot showing the list of projects you're working on in Dovetail

If you’re working in a large organization, sometimes not all insights are relevant to you, especially if they come from different departments, teams, or products.

You can now filter the list of insights shown in the home feed by varous attributes including project category (e.g. department or team), project, date, and more. Any filters you add are persisted, so they’ll still be there when you come back later.

Screenshot showing filter controls on home in Dovetail

These are just a couple of small improvements we continue to make as we learn from your feedback. Keep an eye out for more improvements to Home in the future!

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