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What is HIPAA?What's included in the HIPAA offering?How do I purchase the HIPAA add-on?

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Enterprise only (add-on)

This feature is only available as an add-on to our Enterprise plan. Enterprise workspaces come with additional features and support to meet your organization’s needs. Check out our pricing page for more information on Enterprise.

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From June 2022, we are offering a HIPAA add-on to our enterprise customers. You can read announcement blog here.

What is HIPAA?

If you operate in the healthcare industry, then you’re likely already familiar with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (’HIPAA’), a United States federal law that establishes data privacy and security requirements for organizations that are accountable for safeguarding PHI. In order to provide services to entities subject to HIPAA standards, technology providers such as Dovetail must build tools, processes, and procedures with the appropriate technical and organizational safeguards governing both the technologies they build and the business policies and procedures around their use. It’s important to note that there is no formal certification for HIPAA compliance and that complying with the standards set out in HIPAA is a shared responsibility between Dovetail and our customers.

What's included in the HIPAA offering?

Our new HIPAA offering comes with access controls and features to help manage PHI, such as advanced restrictions on sharing, access, and data exporting. Some of the key features of our HIPAA solution include:

→ Ability for users to export CSV files disabled by default

→ Ability for users to download video files disabled by default

→ Public access to, and sharing of, insights disabled by default

→ All sub-processors processing ePHI have entered into a BAA with Dovetail

→ Ability to enter into a Business Associate Agreement (’BAA’) with Dovetail

Dovetail Enterprise customers who purchase the HIPAA add-on can enter into a BAA with us. To engage, review or sign a BAA with us, please contact our Enterprise team for more information.

How do I purchase the HIPAA add-on?

Our HIPAA solution is packaged as an optional add-on to our Enterprise plan, that customers can choose to purchase.

If you are an existing Enterprise customer, you can contact your account manager regarding the HIPAA add-on.

If you are a new customer who is interested in the Enterprise plan with HIPAA add-on, you can learn more.

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