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Configure OpenID Connect

Business and Enterprise only

This feature is only available on our business and enterprise plans. Business and enterprise workspaces come with additional features and support to meet your organization’s needs. Check out our pricing page for more information on business and enterprise.

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Users can authenticate to Dovetail using OpenID Connect SSO.

Get values from your provider

Dovetail needs three values to enable OpenID Connect SSO: the Client ID, the Client secret, and the Discovery URL. Check out these articles to find the values for your provider:

  • Configure Okta

  • Configure G Suite

  • Configure Azure Active Directory

  • Configure Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

Once you have these values you can enter them in your workspace settings.

Add values to Dovetail

  1. Navigate to the authentication page in workspace settings.

  2. Find the Authentication options card.

  3. Enable Single sign-on by clicking the toggle switch.

  4. Enter the Client ID, Client secret, and Discovery URL in the relevant inputs.

  5. In Verified email domains enter all of the email address domains that should be able to sign in to your workspace via SSO. For example, if anyone with an email address should be able to log in to your Dovetail workspace, enter Note that you can only add the domain of your current Dovetail account. If you want to add a different domain, invite a user whose email address includes that domain, make them an admin, and ask them to add the domain.

  6. Click Save.

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